Most of you know me as your Knights of Columbus Field Agent but before that I’m a Brother Knight and as such I wanted to send you a quick note that reflects the posture of the Knights of Columbus and my own commitment to serve you and your family in these unprecedented times.

As a framework, I want to employ the five pillars that Supreme Knight Carl Anderson has pointed to as characteristics found in men who, in time of crisis, not only survive but lead.

First, we remain rooted in the truth of the faith. We pray for one another, for the sick and the dying, and for the Church and world. In this we remain true to Fr. McGivney’s vision of protecting families within the sure tracks of the Catholic faith.

Second, the Knights can be counted on to step into the breach. When disasters strike, the Knights are there with prayer and work, supporting first responders, providing shelter and assistance to those affected.  This time is no different. Working together, we remain united and strong.

Third, a Knight stays at his post. I understand that you have concerns about health, finances, job security, savings, retirement, and these have only increased in these days. I am here to help allay those concerns and to answer any questions you may have.

We are ready to suffer for the good. It has fallen to us agents and our Supreme Council leadership to roll up our sleeves and get to work so we can remain effective as we work remotely and maintain social distance. To that end, we are employing new technology that allows us to meet “virtually,” using a secure video conferencing software. It allows us to see each other, and to share a screen that features forms and other graphics.

Finally, a Knight maintains humble confidence. My commitment to you, our members and families, remains steady and is built not primarily on my qualifications but on the strength of our Order, which has grown and strengthened over more than 135 years. Our Order is strong, and our guarantees remain in place.

As always, I stand ready to help.  If you or anyone you know need assistance of any kind during these trying times, please feel free to contact me at (386) 235-4064.


Stanley Hetrick, FICF

Field Agent

WE'RE #2,WE'RE#2!!

A few days ago, S&P Global Ratings issued a report that ranked all of its rated North American Life Insurance Companies from strongest to weakest. You should be proud to know that your Knights of Columbus are tied for first!*
The Knights is one of six companies - out of a total of 66 - that has a AA+ rating on financial strength, and a stable outlook. S&P also lists the Knights as having a “very strong” business risk profile, and an “excellent” financial risk profile.
Financial strength and stability are on a lot of people’s minds lately, and it’s reassuring to know that the Knights stand tall among the competition.
However this unprecedented international crisis may be impacting your family, please know that I am here to help you review your situation, and discuss how the Knights may be able to help.    Stan Hetrick

APRIL 6, 2020

*Ranking North American Life Insurance Companies, Strongest ...


LTC Is an Important Piece of the Puzzle

There are many financial consultants and retirement authorities who emphasize the need for a long-term care (LTC) product for estate preservation and family protection. While many commercial life insurance companies have gotten out of the long-term care business, the Knights of Columbus considers LTC a very important piece of the family protection puzzle. The Order has been actively offering our members this product for nearly 15 years without a premium increase on current policyholders. Members who wisely purchased a LTC plan from the Knights in 2000 are still paying the same premiums today. Even better, our LTC coverage is backed by the full strength of the Order, which remains rooted in our strong Catholic values. Talk about stability when it counts.

If we have not spoken about your need for LTC coverage in your family portfolio, please take some time out of your schedule to meet with me.

Remember, long-term care policies are underwritten based on your health, and you most likely will never be any healthier than you are today.

Stanley Hetrick                          

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